academie: Dancing at Performing Arts Competion at Atlantia's KASF

Oxford, David dmo at
Thu Jan 19 10:57:13 PST 2006

Greetings again!

I have a little more information about the performing arts competition
at KASF (, which will
include dancing this year!  Having talked to both the dance judge and
the person responsible for the competition overall, I've gleaned the
following additional information:

- Total performance time is limited to 15 minutes.

- Multiple people may participate as a single group (sort of a given,
but just being explicit).

- The group may do more than one dance as part of the performance, but
multiple dances must be tied together through some logical mechanism.  A
simple "Whitman's Sampler" of dances alone is probably not going to cut
it, unless you can tie them all together in a chocolate theme.  Or
something like that. :)

- Whatever you do should be entertaining, well executed, and pleasing to
the observer.

- The dance judge really likes dark chocolate.  (oops, did I say that?

Just for reference, Isenfir is currently planning to put up a nine
person group to do several dances arranged to tell a story, in a sort of
masque-like presentation.

Even if you can only muster a single couple to do one dance, PLEASE
seriously consider getting involved in this and getting up there to
showcase dancing in Atlantia.  It so often gets relegated to the bottom
of the priority queue at events, and people need to see that it's a
rich, vibrant, and widely practiced art form in the Kingdom!  And it's
fun!  If you need help or support, please don't hesitate to ask, either
this list with it's collection of well-qualified people, or me directly
if there's anything I can do.

Ratto Principale d'Isenfir

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