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Tue May 10 09:58:18 PDT 2005

Dear All,

I want to write in support of the Isenfir bid to hold the next AP&DS.  For such a specialized event it is nice to have such a central location and, I'll wager, we would get very good attendance (both local and non-).  

One of my goals (and I've talked with Bryan about this but no one else yet, so Academians, feel free to weigh in) is to try to attract more out of kingdom attendees for the next dance symposium (students, but also particularly teachers).  I know the travelling dance community well and I think we can convince some very good teachers to come and also possibly get some folks to travel down from Aethelmarc or up from Meridies with the right promotion (especially if there are good teachers).  We can all benefit from the exchange of ideas that happens when folks from other regions come to teach and learn and its an awful lot of fun to have out of kingdom visiting "celebrity" teachers--folks you don't see at every university or every local practice.  (And yes, this is an offer to handle scheduling and publicity if the event is held in Charlottesville, although we would probably need an actual Isenfiri to autocrat. ;)  ).

I agree with everyone who has suggested that the Performer's Symposium and the Dance Symposium have worked very well together in the past and that we should continue as a joint event.  I love the idea of fostering a sense of community between dancers and other performance artists in the kingdom  And I love the more diverse classlist we get as a result.

I also agree with everyone who has pointed out the problems that we had sharing a single room for dance.  I know everyone knew at the time that this was a less than ideal situation, but if we're going to continue to share an event we need to make sure that there is sufficient space for at least two tracks (preferrably three if we have it in central VA) of dance classes (i.e. individual large rooms (with doors) for each class, NOT carpeted and preferrably without concrete floors, although I know that can be hard to find).

(Isenfiri on the list--would the Waldorf school in crozet be a possibility?  Could we get some of the classrooms for non-dance classes and just hangout space?  IIRC, the school had at least two, maybe three largish rooms with wooden floors).

[Corun writes]:
Right now the traiditional (do something three times it becomes Tradition) time frame is late February early March.

Didn't we used to have ADS (before it became AD&PS) twice a year?  At least in theory, even if we skipped numbers once or twice.


"Virginians are of genuine Blood--They will dance or die!"
    Philip Vickers Fithian
    August 25, 1774

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