academie: Performer's Symposium IV

Craig Allen corun at
Tue May 10 08:40:50 PDT 2005

Constanza wrote:
>Please allow me to kill several birds with one stone.
>(hurls a stone into the air. <plunk>. )

Ow! Hey! <watches as two lines of dancers begin to intertwine>

>I think that combining the Performers Guild symposium
>and the Academie of dance worked well last time around
>and I would like to do it again. 

I agree. It is mutually beneficial to both given the tight focus of the symposium and the target audience.

>I personally do not have an issue with it being held
>in Highland Foorde,but it will make it more difficult
>for some others to attend, including the Chancelier of
>the Academie Eliza da Nizza, who lives at the edge of
>western NC. 

I appreciate Anjuli's offer and understand the issues one living at the far end of the Kingdom has, which is identical to our friends in Border Vale Keep. Also the most recent P&DS was held in Ponte Alto which means it's time to move to another part of the Kingdom. That having been said the good folks in Isenfir are making a bid. This should not deter others from doing so also. Obviously we want to get to as much of the Kingdom as possible but as we're a once a year event and not yet listed on the books as a regularly recurring Kingdom sponsored event (like KASF) we must do what we can. Perhaps at some point we could consider hosting two of these back to back on the same date in extreme opposite ends of the Kingdom. Right now the traiditional (do something three times it becomes Tradition) time frame is late February early March.



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