academie: An Invitation

Judith judithsca at
Sat May 7 00:00:40 PDT 2005

Hear ye, hear ye!

Let it be known that Gerhardt von Wuestenburg, Graf and Knight of the realm,
invites all subjects from the sundry realms to celebrate the feast of Saint
Helena, the most holy mother of the Emperor Constantinus.  And that at this
celebration, taking place three days beyond the ides of August, to wit, the
18th of August in the common reckoning, there will be gaming, feasting,
revelry and, above all, dancing from the courts of Florence, Milan, Burgundy
and Rome.  The Maestra di Balli, Judith de Northumbria, will most happily
serve your every (terpsichorean) request, provided that they be dances known
to our Party.  May all know that this merriment will occur in the city of
Pennsic, on the occidental border of the kingdom of Aethelmearc.

p.s. Short and simple version:  Party, 18th of August, with food, drink
games, live music and 15th c. dance, open request format; Dance tent,

p.p.s.  Feel free to forward this invitation to any mailing list or person
whom you think it may interest.

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