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1st - Bransles

   Anna von Osnabruck
   Start the day right with a warm-up of easy dances.  Dances include a suit of Cassandra - Pinegay - Charlotte, followed by the mimed Wisherwoman's Branle and Peas Branle.

2nd - Dances of 15th Century Italy

   Anna von Osnabruck
   This beginner-level class will include such dances as Rostiboli Gioioso, Petit Vrien, Amoroso and Gelosia.

3rd - Beginning English Country Dance

   Jerina of Crannog Mor

4th - Intermediate English Country Dance

   Evelynne Merrymet

5th - Advanced English Country Dance

   Stephen of Cambrion

6th - Line Dancing Through Time

   Elize da Nizza
   Follow an evolution of line dances across country and centuries.  We'll begin with the Farandole (French) and progress through La Chirantana (Italian) and Trechmore (English).  If time permits, we'll end with the Double Bransle.

Argent, a pale purpure cotised vert between two sprigs of lavender proper.

"On ne voit bien qu'avec le coeur.  L'essentiel est invisible aux yeux."  

          (One only sees well with the heart.  The essential is invisible to the eyes.)   

                    - Antoine de St. Exupery, from Le Petit Prince (The Little Prince)

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