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Greg Lindahl lindahl at
Tue Jan 11 20:42:40 PST 2005

[ I originally only posted this to the sca-dance mailing list, but
then I realized that some of you folks might be interested in
volunteering, so here you go: ]

Last Pennsic I threatened to organize a transcription of the newly
discovered 1614 Santucci manuscript. It's in Italian and contains
dances similar to the dances from Caroso and Negri's manuals that we
frequently do.  It's hand-written, so this is a lot more work than the
other transcriptions we've already done. When we're done, we'll be
able to search through the transcriptions to see how particular words
are used, and it'll also be helpful for people translating it into

I have now set this up on the "Project Gutenberg Distributed
Proofreaders" website. This website has some funky software that makes
it easier to proofread books.

Who can help out? Well, basically, anyone can volunteer, but it really
helps if you either have already looked at enough Italian dance lingo
to know some vocabulary, or are enthusiastic about doing the same. I'd
be happy to answer questions about anything you're unsure about.

The webpage:

has some example transcribed sections, instructions for getting
started on the PGDP website, and pointers to some existing transcribed
sources that you can look over to begin to understand the vocabulary.

Any questions? Please ask me in private email. And thanks for
considering working on this project!

-- Gregory

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