academie: Dancing reminder for 12th Night

Erika Park jedierika at
Thu Dec 2 07:05:25 PST 2004

Greetings once again,


Here's a reminder about the ball prep class, dance list for the ball, and information about the Atlantian mask competition that I'm sponsoring.


The ball will begin at 8:30pm or immediately following feast, with music provided by Harp and Drum.  I will be holding a ball prep class from 2:30pm-4:30pm on the dance floor in the feast hall to teach the dances for the evening.


Here's the dance list for the ball.  I've kept it to a reasonable length so that dancing will not run too late after a full day of revelry and feasting.


Black Nag

Horses' Bransle

Petite Vriens

Rufty Tufty

Gathering Peascods

Black Almain





I will also be sponsoring an Atlantian-themed mask competition during the ball (i.e. golden dolphin mask, osprey mask, sea dragon mask, etc.).  Documentation is encouraged but not required.  You should wear your mask to the ball and judging will take place there.  The winner shall be announced during a break in the ball.


In Service,


Lady Allasan inghean Fhaolian

Ponte Alto and 12th Night Dancemistress

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