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Fri Nov 5 13:01:07 PST 2004

Greetings fellow dance enthusiasts!

In addition to the great food mentioned in another email, I wanted to remind everyone of some of the actual DANCE-related aspects of our wonderful event, Lesson at the Palace II.  First, the basics...

When:  Saturday, Nov 20, 10am till we're too tired to dance anymore
Where: Charlottesville Waldorf School in Crozet, VA 
         (about 8 miles west of Charlottesville, 70 miles west
          of Richmond, 90 miles south of DC)
Cost:  $15 for everything

Susan de Guardiola will be flying in from Connecticut to hold a day-long workshop in 16th C. Italian dance, a la Caroso and Negri.  The workshop itself will run from 10am SHARP to around 6pm.  If you're late, that's okay, you can join in whenever you arrive, but you'll miss some good instruction time.  This part of the day will be garb-optional, and we actually recommend you save your good garb for the evening.  After the workshop is complete, everyone is invited to change into their garb and enjoy a delightful meal (see other email :) and an entire evening of dance with a superb dance band playing.

As I've said before, this is an AMAZING opportunity to get an entire day of lessons in Renaissance dance from a pro who really knows how to teach.  You'll come away from the day knowing so much, and tired but having had a terrific fun time.

We'll also have a café set up for those who want to come but are less dance-inclined during the day, or are wearing down in the evening but still enjoying the company and the music.  There will be games and cards available, and the food will never stop.  Plus, you'll have a great view, being slightly above everyone else. :)

The details for the event are at  I humbly request folks to preregister.  It makes planning, especially the food, so much easier.  If you can't commit, drop me an email and let me know.  Plus, if you preregister but can't make it, you can request a refund.  Our exchequer is pretty nice ... he'll probably send your check back if you ask nice. :)

If you have questions, please feel free to contact me.  I'm delighted to answer anything I can, or I can pass on questions to Susan if needed.

See y'all on the 20th!

Bryan Morgan
Isenfir, Atlantia

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