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Fri Nov 5 12:30:34 PST 2004

Greetings all!

Check out this menu...

Antipasti - Caponata, toasted bread w/ olive oil, roasted garlic spread,
melon w/ prosciutti, cold bean salad (fagioli al fiasco all'alloro),
assorted olives, herbed and sweet butters, brie w/ honey, cheddar
cheese, and gorgonzola spread

Pasta - Spinach fettuccini w/ gorgonzola sauce.  Eggplant lasagna w/
roasted red peppers.

Soup - Minestrone style

Main dishes- Roasted pork loin w/ rosemary, sage, thyme, and cream
sauce. Venetian marinated fish.

Sides - Honey orange carrots.  Green salad w/ pears, walnuts, and olive
oil.  Green beans w/ roasted garlic.

Assorted desserts throughout the evening

Now, having read that... Your friendly, neighborhood guy from Isenfir
here to remind you that it's only two weeks till Lesson at the Palace
II, November 20th in Charlottesville, VA.  If the thought of an entire
day of high-quality Renaissance dance instruction by a professional
teacher from another kingdom isn't quite enough to sway you, I wanted to
post the tentative menu for the evening's meal.  My dear lady wife (who
I will unabashedly say is an amazing cook with years of experience in
high-end restaurants, especially Italian ones) has been researching our
meal for weeks now, gathering her supplies, and, I'm happy to say,
testing the recipes on our family. :)

And that's just for the evening.  She's still working on food for during
the day. :)

All this for just $15!!!  You couldn't even get this one meal at a
restaurant for that place, to say nothing of lunch and, oh yeah, there's
nearly 8 hours of time with a professional dance instructor.  Talk about
bargain basement prices!

All the event details may be had at  Please,
please, please preregister!  It's SO much easier on the cooking staff is
they actually know how many people to expect.  If you just aren't sure
about your schedule, or are too late to get a registration here in the
mail, drop me an email with your situation.  We're flexible, and we'll
do whatever we can to accommodate you!


Bryan Morgan
Well-fed Isenfir Dance Master

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