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This one is a year away yet, but I just got the info and thought I'd pass it along.
"Mythical Masque" - September 2005
Ritterwald, Nattinghill Coill
One of the co-autocrats has contacted us for assistance with running the events for the day, which include:
adult day class during the day
children's dance class, also during the day
masked ball, with the theme of 1350 Florence (and their view of the fairy world)
They are particularly interested in...
help with coordinating the activities, esp. the music & classes
ideas for ways to involve "young people" into their "fantasy world" - they will have a variety of activities for children
The autocrat stresses that she wants this to be the fairy world as percieved by someone in 13050's Florence, NOT modern fantasy.
If you're interested, please contact me.

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