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Sharon Buczko ldycnstza at
Wed Sep 29 14:37:33 PDT 2004

Greeting all! This is your seceratary Lady Constanza
de Talavera

I would like to thank in advance all the teachers who
have volunteered to teach classes at University, and
especially Aedan Aldwyn who has graciously volunteered
to step in and teach at the last minute. 

As part of a new tradition, I will be sending out a
monthly email of dance-related events, classes, and
happennings. If you need to find them midmonth they
are always available at the Academie Web Page

This month we have:

October 2 – University of Atlantia (Storvik - College
Park, MD) 
Autocratted by perennial Academie contributer Lord
Stephen of Cambion

There is also a post-revel where more dancing will

October 8-10 – Kingdom Crusades (Darlington, MD)
October 23 – Games Tourney (Isenfir - Crozet, VA) 

November 20 – Lesson at the Palace II (Isenfir -
Crozet, VA) 

Yours in service,
Lady Constanza de Talavera,
Seceratary; Academie Atlantienne de Danse

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