academie: An Invitation

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Fri Jul 23 10:16:15 PDT 2004

     I am but a humble messenger bearing a missive to the fine subjects of Atlantia...

Sir Gerhardt von Wuestenburg, Count in the court of Drachenwald, invites one and all to an evening of merriment in the style of the courts of Firenze, Milano and Mantova.   Come dance, eat, drink, game and delight to your heart’s content!  The Maestra di Balli, the most honourable Lady Judith de Northumbria, will do her utmost to fulfill the terpsichorean desires of his Excellency’s guests --- provided that they be requests appropriate to the great Italian courts of this, the fifteenth century of our Lord.
     The festivities will take place on the 14th day of August, in the dance pavillion of the town of Pennsic, starting at nine of the clock.

Your servant,
Judith de Northumbria

p.s. Even if you do not like to dance, come by and enjoy the food, drink and merriment.  

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