academie: Dance musicians for Isenfir events

Frederick Joseph Ross fjr6b at
Wed Jul 21 14:09:44 PDT 2004

Isenfir (in Atlantia) is hosting several events this fall: a novice 
tourney on September 17-19, our annual Games Tourney on October 23, and 
an Italian dance workshop, Lezione al Palazzo, on November 20.  I'll 
probably be up on stage with my violin for dancing in the evening, and we 
know how to pamper dance bands hereabouts.

If you'd like to play for dancing at any of these, please let me know.  
This is not to say you can't just show up with an instrument, but this way 
I'll have some idea if I have to go beat the bushes for musicians.

Gian Filippo da Cremona
Violinist in Isenfir

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