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dance last night was fun, though there were some
problems. the dancing is run through the local
Colonial Dance group, and consequently has several
very good dancers. theis led the teacher to drop an
intermediate level 16th century Italian dance on our

i personally still have trouble with 16th century
Italians in general due to the lack of practice, and
since it was an intermediate level dance, it was over
my head entirely. luckily for me, Catherine was there
to remember all of the steps for me, and so i only had
to execute them as she reminded me of what came next.
i would have recommended that we do several beginner
level 16th century italians before we moved on to more
advanced stuff. i must especially mention Lucette's
brave attempt to carry the dance off in her first
attempt at Renaissance dance. she didn't look all that
lost, though she admitted that it was difficult for
her. well done. 

i would like to see us be able to do some more
dancing, though to stick entirely to the easier
dances. it is my hope that i can teach about 8-16 very
basic dances that would give the SCA social dancer a
base of knowledge that would allow him to be able to
participate in pretty much any ball that we have. it
would also allow dancers to progress to more difficult
dances if they chose to. 

to that end i have developed a dance list and would
like to start classes here in Richmond soon, though
with Pensic only next month, that may get in the way.
i will be talking to the Colonial Dance leader on
wednesday to see if i can get her assistance in
setting up a night, or maybe taking the other three
tuesdays a month, teaching the basics. Catherine, if
you are listening, i would really like you there as


this post has been crossposted to both the Barony Cear
Mear and the Canton of Rivers Point as well as the
Atlantian Academie of Dance, so please see if you can
get your replies to all of the lists. 

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