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Thu Jul 8 19:53:32 PDT 2004

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there is a renaissance dance practice, Monday July
12th at 8pm at Overbrook Presbyterian Church, 2605
Dumbarton Road, Richmond, VA. 

the practice is being run by a lady who dances at
Agecroft Hall here in Richmond. she will be teaching a
few ECD's along with Montarde, two Italian dances i
have never heard of before and a few other dances.

she would really like some scadians to show,
especially if they wear garb. if we can get enough
people interested, we can turn this into a weekly

it is close enough to both Charlottsville and
Fredericksburg that it wouldn't be unreasonable for
the groups in those citie to make the trip, at least
this once. 

here is a link to the Yahoo Yellow Pages entry for the
church. from there you can convince Yahoo to give you
directions from where you are coming.


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