academie: LSA Lute Festival

corun at corun at
Mon Jul 5 07:40:32 PDT 2004

Greetings Dancers,

I have returned from a week at the LSA Lute Festival at Case Western campus 
in Cleveland. A highlight of the week was a dance workshop of 15th c. 
dances put on by the New York Historical Dance Company.

These folks also performed 16th c. dances in the Wednesday night faculty 
concert at the Cleveland Museum of Art. The dancers are Karl Mainz and 
Dorothy Olsson and they're *very* good. I had a chance to chat with them 
both at the Friday night post revel and asked them about maybe coming down 
to the DC area to give a workshop, perhaps in conjunction with next year's 
DC Early Music Festival (I need to contact the festival coordinators). To 
that end I would like to know what you all would want to see in such a 
workshop. What era of dance would you prefer? Also, I'm going to be 
chatting with them about their costs with an eye towards maybe getting them 
down to an Atlantian University.


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