academie: Dance practice in Richmond anyone?

Sean D. Sorrentino sdsorrentino at
Thu Jul 1 14:50:00 PDT 2004

I've been threatening to start up a dance practice in
Richmond, and it looks like someone beat me to it. on
Monday the 12th of July there will be a renaissance
dance class/practice at Overbrook Presbyterian Church,
at 2605 Dumbarton rd. they don't seem to have a web
site for the church itself, but here is a Yahoo Yellow
Pages link with address and map

the lady running it is an instructor for English
Country Dance, a group called The Colonial Dance Club
of Richmond. i highly recommend that those of you who
are not getting your recommended weekly quota of dance
attend their wednesday night ECD practice at the same
place. both practices will start promptly at 8pm and
we will be ejected from the building at 10pm. they
were a lot of fun and very much appreciated the new


Sean Sorrentino
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