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Forwarded since a few of the certificates belong to Academie members...

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Subject: [MR] Unclaimed University of Atlantia certificates


The following people have earned a Fellow, Bachelors and/or Masters 
degree(s) from the University of Atlantia but have not yet claimed 
their certificate(s). Please contact me at registrar at 
or at 434-923-0053 to arrange delivery. Certificates are awarded at the 
session following the successful completion of the degree requirements.

For those of you who are wondering.....the four degrees given out by 
the University of Atlantia are:
A Fellowship in the University of Atlantia is awarded to those who have 
taught classes at three universities.
A Bachelor's Degree is awarded after a student has completed 26 hours 
of classes.
A Masters Degree is awarded to those who have earned their Bachelor's 
and are also Fellows of the University.
Honorary Doctorates are awarded by the Chancellor at his or her 

If you want to know how many hours you have taken or how many classes 
you've taught please send me your modern and SCA names as well as any 
changes to either.

In service to learning,

Thjora Arnkitelsdottir
Registrar, University of Atlantia

Alienor da Narbonne
Antoine de Bayonne
Brian Killian the Red
Brighid ni Siridean
Christopher mac an Conaing
Ciara O'Byrne
Conner Levingstoune
Deadra Colin Cristant Madoc
Ellen of York
Eoghan og mac Labruinn
Ethelfleda Davidsdottir
Gawaine Kilgore
Giovanna Mancuso
Gudrun Othosdottir
Ingvild Josefsdottir
Kenwrec FitzRaymund
Maelgwyn ap Gruffydd
Maire ni Dunchain mhic Oisbealbhaigh
Marcellus Caoziello da Napoli
Marion Le Red
Michael Batcock
Mungoe McKlinchey
Owen Sherard Trahern
Rhiannon sion Donnachaidh
Rufus Pigboy
Sylvanus Perrin
Ursula D'Arcy
Volgaar Thorgulsson
Xenophon Vaughn
Yaakov HaMizrachi

Alienor da Narbonne
Allen of Wolfou
Angus Hamildon
Armando Isadoro Ramirez
Conner Levingstoune
Cunian Beornhelm
Greta Klusenaere
Ginevra de'Rossi
Kirk Dragomani
Martel von Charlottenberg
Miriam Rachel bat Mordechai
Richard de Montbrai
Sarah Shaffer
Sven Olafssen
Tarn of No City
Tatiana Ivanovna
Thomas Longshanks
Willelm de Wytemarsh

Alienor da Narbonne
Conner Levingstoune
Elspeth nic Cormac
Gawaine Kilgore
Kirk Dragomani
Michael Batcock
Miriam Rachel bat Mordechai
Richard de Montbrai

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