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Fri Apr 30 06:37:40 PDT 2004

Greeting, all.  After attending this year's Performer's and Dance Symposium, my husband, Odde, and I decided that it would be fun to see about running it back up north next year with the two of us as co-autocrats.  We mentioned the idea at the Ponte Alto business meeting last weekend and there was a lot of support from the barony.  Our seneschal is working on dates but January or February seem fairly likely.  Although we don't have a set date (and may not until the next event calendar meeting in July) Odde and I were planning on giving the new Heirs an invitation at Crown this weekend.  The sooner we get it on their radar screen, the more likely we can get them there.  Once we figure out a date, we'll issue a call for instuctors and give out some personal invitations.  Odde will be working with the bardic and musical side and I'll be coordinating the dance.  Our barony has a new site committee working on finding great event sites, so we'll be working with them to find a site with
 classrooms and an auditorium or other area for a ball/concert in the evening.
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