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Is it common for a University not to have ANY dance or
music classes?  Maybe I'm just mis-reading the class

Watkyn of Kent

Watkyn et al,

No, it is not common. Normally we have a track of
dance classes. In this case since the deadline for
University classes and tracks ran at a time where
teachers, and us, were planning for the Symposium, we
opted to not have a track this term.

 We WILL have a track NEXT University, but we can't
have a track without TEACHERS, so start thinking about
what you would like to teach. This could include:

How to run a dance practice
Dance history - its place in culture during the 14th,
15th, or 16th Centuries
15th Century Italian
16th Century Italian
Inns of Court, culture and history
Inns of Court, the dances
Basse Danses
Pre-1600 dance and the popular media
English Country Dances
Deconstruct a brand new dance

and for those who just said Huh?

I plan to teach a class on How to Deconstruct a new
dance from Playford or Arbeau. 
Let your imaginations run wild!

Your Seceratary,
Lady Constanza de Talavera

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