academie: Report on the Symposium

Catherine Dean cdean at
Mon Apr 19 18:24:14 PDT 2004

Dear Academians,

I just wanted to send the list a brief update on last weekend's performers and dance symposium (forgive me if I muff any names, I've lost half of my site brochure!).

Overall I think we had a good event.  Attendance was low so classes were small, but what was lost in volume was made up for in enthusiasm.  There were a number of excellent dance classes as well as bardic, musical, and other performance classes.  We had fabulous food at lunch and dinner crafted by Lady Graciella.  Following feast there was a really stellar concert where several academians demonstrated their skill at the art of performance dance.  The last activity of the day was a short ball filled with pre-1651-style dances and live music.

Many thanks to all who gave of their time and talent, especially THL Elize da Nizza for all of her hard work.  In particular I want to recognize those dance teachers who travelled a long distance to attend and share their knowledge: Allasan inghean Fhaolain
, Ellen of York, and Gian Filippo de Cremoa (I hope that I'm not leaving anyone out).  A hearty round of vivats to them all!

In Service,

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