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Here's the full class list (below).


Please find the Class List & Descriptions for the Performer's & Dance Symposium to be held this Saturday April 17th in Boone NC.

Classes will be followed by feast and then a concert/ball highlighting the performance talents of Atlantia. We welcome one and all and look forward to seeing you on Saturday.

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Katriana de Irelund
Graciela Espeanza de Sevilla

Class Descriptions/Schedule


a.. Telling that 1st Story - Lady Eleanor Percy: Just like University #61--only better! We'll discuss beginning storytelling, audiences, mechanics of storytelling, the pitfalls and the promise... and then we'll try it! Materials Required for the Class: an open mind, a generous heart, and a willingness to move around a LOT! Paper and pencil if desired--handouts will be provided. Precocious young people also welcome... Limit: 15 (2 hours)

a.. Open Forum - Music at Court -Siegfried McClure: 

a.. Heart of a Bard/Soul of a Poet-Lady Graciela Esperanza de Sevilla- There are many us that share a deep interest in the Bardic Arts but are not sure where to begin. Do you have the heart of a bard or the soul of a poet? Informal Forum great for experienced performers and those who would like to get started.

a.. Performing Raks (Bellydance) in a Period Style -Sayyid Asim al-Talib: 

a.. Starting a Dance Band - Gian Filippo de Cremoa: You've got ten musicians around you, and somehow you've been elected dance band leader. How do you go from silence to concord without a three bar period of timidity?

a.. Starting a Local Dance Practice- THL Elize da Nizza: Basic how-to class, including things to think about, and sources for tunes and dance directions.

11 am

a.. History of Brass Instruments- Siegfried McClure:

a.. Teaching History through Bardic Performance-Master Efanwealt Wystle: Part Exhibition and part group discussion. Our focus will be how we can teach a little about history and our period while still having a good time and being entertaining. Contrary to popular belief, period music doesn't have to be stodgy. SCA folk music and Irish drinking songs are not the only way to have fun at bardic.

a.. Be a Better Dancer, The Period Way-Katherine Mercer: Come learn how to better express yourself and impress others on the dance floor using selected exercises from Messer Guglielmo Ebreo of Pesaros dance manual. Note: this is not a choreography class-we will focus on the performance of a single dance to various kinds of music. Some prior knowledge of basic fifteenth century Italian dance steps (singles, doubles, pive, reprise, saltarelli) is assumed.

a.. Two Halves of the Same Body: Watkyn of Kent: Dancers and Instrumentalists finding each other and working together.

a.. Bransles-THL Elize da Nizza: Some of the most common dances in the SCA are bransles because they are quick and easy to learn. This class will be geared toward beginning dancers.



a.. The Story that Matters-Lady Eleanor Percy: A class designed to take the storytelling peeked at in "telling that first story" and give it a deeper look. This one-hour class is for the storyteller who is comfortable with stories and basic performance and wants a more in-depth perspective, particularly in the selection and performance of 'the stories that matter' to the teller.

a.. History of Bagpipes-Bryn y Pobydd: Bagpipes are not from Scotland! Learn about the history of this ancient and widespread instrument which was played by everyone from common shepherds and soldiers to emperors and kings, from Anatolia to Ireland. Learn about the anatomy of the instrument, with instrument petting zoo, and learn a bit about the music played on the pipes. 

a.. Songs for and About the SCA- Odde ap Tam: An example of the type of songs would be: Born on the Listfield, Fair Lady Atlantia, Burden of the Crown, Flower of the Desert, Bow to the Crown, Call the Names, Belt and Chain, etc.

a.. Preliminaries for 16th Century Italian Dance- Gian Filippo de Cremoa: Preliminaries for 16th C. Italian Dance: Body motion, floor connection, dancing with a partner, staying with music, and all those other details which no one bothered to teach you.

a.. Beginning ECD- (Allasan inghean Fhaolain - We will learn Gathering Peascods, Jenny Pluck Pears, and Black Nag. Remember, ECDs are fun and easy to learn!

a.. Period Dances to Modern Music-Viscount Karl Helweg: Anticipated to possibly include such items as the Mortal Pavan, the Pink Floyd Pavan, John Tallows Legend, Monty Tufty, and/or others (dependant upon availability of music). This is expected to be a very silly class. Dances will be taught to the period music first, then to the modern tune. (2 Hours)


a.. Herald Trumpet Practicum -Siegfried McClure

a.. Period Rounds-Lady Ysolt la Bretonne: Come ready to sing several period rounds. Music provided for cost of copying, if you wish to keep it.

a.. Easy 16th Century Italian Dance: Katherine Mercer - Think all Italian dance is stuffy and hard? Think again! Think you already know all the easy ones? Think once more! In this class we'll learn two or three easy not-often-done-in-Atlania sixteenth century Italian dances including La Castellana, Contrapasso in Due and maybe one more.

a.. Intermediate ECD - Allasan inghean Fhaolain - Already know how to set and turn? This class will cover Heart's Ease, Rufty Tufty, and Upon a Summer's Day, and Picking of Sticks.


a.. Broadside Ballads -Lady Ysolt la Bretonne

a.. Intro to 15th Century Dance- Ellen of York - 15th Century Italian dance including Amoroso, Anello, Gelosia, and Petit Riens

a.. Introduction to Morris Dance- Guest Instructor

a.. Bassedances- Constanza de Talavera
6pm ; Feast

8pm: Concert/Dance Ball
======================================================================= The Merry Rose Tavern at Cheapside
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