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Sat Apr 3 10:45:11 PST 2004

Attention all dancers. A late breaking addition to the LSA Summer Lute Seminar.


>Date: Sat, 3 Apr 2004 13:29:34 EST
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>Subject: LSA Lute Festival 2004 update:  Renaissance Dance!
>Yet another feature has been added to the LSA Lute Festival in Cleveland
>(June 27 - July 2, 2004):
>The New York Historical Dance Company, consisting of Dorothy Olsson (New
>York) and Kaspar Mainz (from the Leipzig vicinity) will join in the Lute 
>Festival to perform early dance:
>A special afternoon workshop on Renaissance dance and evening performance in
>the all-faculty concert "Pastime in Good Company" will take place on 
>Wednesday June 30th at the Cleveland Museum of Art (Gartner 
>Auditorium).   Accompanied by the Venere Lute Quartet, they will be 
>dancing choreographies from the Negri and Caroso dance treatises in 
>authentic costume.    In addition, on Tuesday afternoon the day before, 
>they will conduct a family-oriented workshop on early dance in conjunction 
>with the museum's education department.
>A reminder to all:
>Early registration makes you eligible for the $25 discount on tuition and
>gives you a greater choice of teachers for your two included private lessons!
>Kenneth Be
>Cleveland, Ohio

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