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This just in for those who were asking...
Please don't forget that we are not permitted to sell feast spaces at the door.  Please prereserve if you plan to eat.

The Batty Bard <MysticSableWolf at> wrote:

The lunch and feast menu for the upcoming Performer's & Dance Symposium has been set as follows;

Irish Spice Bread
Chicken Tart
Spinach Tart

Smoked sausage simmered in ale
Salat of several greens

Onion stuffed beef rolls
Ris Engoule
Baked Honey Roasted Chicken
Fruit Kebobs w/ Honey

Roast Pork w/ Orange & Spices
Candied Sweet Potatoes
Tarte Tatin 

spiced custard
Lemon Poppy Seed Biscotti
Royal Spicerie

If you have any questions regarding any of the menu items, please do not hesitate to contact me at MysticSableWolf at
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