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Thu Mar 4 07:57:50 PST 2004

I was wondering if there are plans to put together a little booklet with all the steps from all the dances to be taught that day.  I recall getting one from the symposium a couple years ago, but wasn't able to attend last year's so I don't know if there was a cheat sheet booklet at that one or not.  If nothing's being put together yet, I'd be willing to collect stuff from all the instructors and produce the booklets.  Please let me know your thoughts on this.

L Shuskey/Elize <elizedanizza at> wrote:
In the next few days I should be posting the flier for the Symposium.  It's in its final revision at the moment.
We are hoping to put a schedule of classes on the flier.  That means you have one last chance to volunteer to teach that class you've been thinking about.  Please email any last class requests to Constanza (ldycnstza at or me (elizedanizza at by Thursday night.
We *will* be able to give University credit for classes taught and attended, as we have done in the past.

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