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Hopefully we can post the list of Academie dance classes soon... We're still working on the possibility of a Morris dance class and ironing out a couple of other wrinkles.
The current plan for the ball/concert is to have a mix - a few performances, then a few dances, then a few performances, and so forth.
The important thing to note is that, by site regulations (i.e., beyond our control) we cannot sell feast spaces at the door.  If you want to eat feast, you have to prereserve.  As far as housing, I'll be glad to give feedback on local hotels, but I haven't seen anything officially designated yet.
The Atlantian Performer's Guild, the Atlantian Academie of Dance, and the Shire of Crannog Mor proudly present this year's Performer's and Dance Symposium. The Symposium will consist of a day of classes on various performing arts with a lunch provided middle of the day. The event will conclude with a feast in the evening.

But wait! There's more... Following the feast and at the same site, we will be hosting an evening concert/dance ball featuring performances given by the students and teachers at the Symposium. This concert/ball will showcase the performance talents of Atlantia and will be open to all who wish to attend. If you wish to perform at the concert/ball, please contact Katriana de Irelund (alunalai at or Graciela Esperanza de Sevilla (mysticsablewolf at or call at (828) 964-8223. Live musicians are strongly encouraged to attend. It would be wonderful to have dancing done to live music! :-)

Following is a list of just some of the classes that will be offered: 

History of Bagpipes

Period Rounds

Alfonse X and his Cantigas de Santa Maria

Songs by, for and about the SCA

Teaching History through Bardic Performance.

Performing Raks in a Period Style

A History of Brass Instruments

Introduction to Middle Eastern Dance 

Site: The Appalachian State University Student Union located in Boone, NC 28608. Site opens at 9 am and closes at 10 pm. This site is DRY.

Lunch will be provided by Demitria Escribus at no additional cost

Feast Steward: Lady Graciela Esperanza de Sevilla

Please send any dietary concerns to Lady Graciela at MysticSableWolf at or call at 828-964-8223

Cost: On board $15.00 with proof of membership. Off board $9.00. Children 6-12 are
$5.00; under six years are guests of the Shire.

Cost Notes: Due to Site regulations we are encouraged not to sell feast space at the door. Feast space is limited, so please pre-reserve. 

Send reservations to Jared MacDonald (Jarrod Sargent) 

164 Charlotte Ann Ln. Apt: E-9

Boone, NC 28607

Rangerodee at

Directions.....Take your best route to highway 321 to Boone. Follow to River St. Follow the signs to the parking in Raley parking lot where you follow the signs once more to the Student Union. Please contact autocrat with any questions. 

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