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Thu Feb 26 10:35:28 PST 2004

Hello, All.

New development:

The demo coordinator has informed me that their committee had decided specifically not to have dance at the demo (this decision was made before I sent the post, but not mentioned at the orientation meeting).  I won't go into the reasons.  Let's just say it was enough to make me roll my eyes, shake my head in exasperation and drop the subject completely.  In any case almost all of our local dancers have other commitments.  Many thanks to those who so generously volunteered.

In any case, if anyone is still interested in participating in Elvegast's demo (they'll still want and need people for various things), the folks to ask about anything related to the demo are Lady Gyssel and the Seneschal of Elvegast, Lady Adriana.  Gyssel's email is:  nhowell at, and Lady Adriana's email is: elvegast at

Everyone participating in the demo would need to attend one of the orientation sessions in order to qualify for a free pass, and everyone participating in the demo (getting in free) needs to have a stated purpose.  I'm mentioning all of this because I don't want anyone to drive a long way to the demo on the spur of the moment and be turned away or have any other unexpected developments on the day of the demo.  Contact Gyssel and she'll give you the specifics.  A web site should be launched in the next few weeks and announced on the Windmasters' list.

If you haven't done the Renfaire demo before I'd definately recommend it for you.  And there's also the prospect of coming as tourists, paying the relatively cheap gate fee and doing it your way.  ;-)  The Faire web site is:

Take care,

In a message dated 2/23/2004 5:09:56 PM Eastern Standard Time, ThatUrsula writes:

> Hello all.
> Thanks, Constanza for posting my message.  Especially since many of our local dancers have other that weekend (27-28 March).
> It's important to know that we'll have a limited number of free passes for the demo (though if we exceed the limit, it only costs $10 for a weekend pass).
> I'd need to know in advance who will be dancing so that I can make sure that there will be a spot for everyone.
> I want to try a new approach to how we present the dance part, but first I want to see if I can get enough interest to actually do it.  I'm shooting for a minimum of 3 couples, but I'd love to have 4 or more, and I'd really love to have live music.   Also, since we'd be performing, we might be able to get in for free on our own, and not use Elvegast's free passes.  (This just now occurred to me.)
> If you're interested and you're from outside Raleigh, I can arrange for crash space as well.  Here's a link to the faire 
> page:
> I hope to hear from many people...  *poke*
> Ursula von Bremen

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