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Mon Nov 1 19:48:58 PST 2004

Tourney (which everyone loved, and I was too harried to yeah or nay as I 
was trying to hold it together), you need the following people to hold 
things together: an experienced dance band leader, two (TWO!) dance 
masters, who will swap off sets, and a powerful herald as master of 
ceremonies who keeps track of the time and announces things as they go 
off.  It's best if the dance band leader and dance masters have worked 
together before, at least day of.

I say two dance masters, and I mean it.  A dance band leader can get by 
leading all night without too much trouble, even in a mixed format 
(especially in a mixed format if Lady Anne of Harp and Drum's reaction was 
any indication).  As a single dance master, it's too much.  Thankfully I 
had the Rat King (Bryan Morgan) and the Isenfir Dance Goddess(TM) (Phoebe) 
to spell me at Games Tourney.

You may all ignore this as the ravings of a rabid rodent.

Rat Regent

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