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Mon Nov 1 19:48:58 PST 2004

pass a Holiday Inn, Krispy Creme, and KFC on the right. You should be in the
right lane. Very shortly thereafter, you will come to an overpass at Rt. 29/Rt.
250. Stay in the right lane and take the on-ramp up to stay on Rt. 29S. Go 3-4
miles till you come to the interchange with I-64.  Go under the overpass and get
onto I-64 east.  Follow directions above (coming to exit 120 from the west ...
turn left at the top of the off-ramp).

Once on Harris Rd: IMMEDIATELY past the BB&T Bank on the corner, take the 1st
LEFT. Go about 50 yards and turn into the parking lot on the left (the second
turn-in; the first is into the BB&T parking lot). As you are facing the
buildings, MAC is the last one on the right. If there are no spaces in this lot,
you may park in the adjacent shopping center lot.

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