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are rooms that are large enough to have dance classes in -- one per track.
A room for the ball, which can be either one of the large classrooms.  (If
the rooms can be combined into a grand hall, mores the better).  Having
non-dance rooms is a nice plus -- they can be used for lecture classes, or a
general schmooze area for those not taking a class at the moment, or can
even be turned into changing room(s) if necessary.

An available kitchen on-site is a BIG plus, since you can use that to
prep/store snacks and drinks, especially if you're planning to have some
form of "spread" during the ball.  All-in-all, the site sounds just peachy.
Bryan, Stefan, others who have run dance-focused events -- have I missed
anything obvious?

What are the floors like?  Concrete, tile, wood, painted, carpeted, other?
Do you have any idea what the acoustics might sound like if you stuck a band
in one of the rooms? 


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I haven't received word yet from Rupert about Newberry, but we did find
another possibile site last night.  This is a church in Simpsonville
(slightly south of Greenville).  There are 2 classrooms large enough to
dance in (once the tables have been moved - these are HUGE classrooms)
plus a gymnasium (so room for three dance classes simultaneously). 
There's also an industrial kitchen and another classroom that could be
used for non-movement classes (classes on clothing or music or
something I'm not thinking of).  

There may have been one or two other small rooms I'm forgetting... I'm
sure Victoria or Richard could fill in the details I'm forgetting (I've
had a headache now for a week and a half! ICK).

Our local groups have worked with this church to help them put on their
yearly medieval fair, and so they've offered use of the church as a
site.  We have a fairly good rapport with them, so there shouldn't be
any problems there.

So, does this sound like an okay site to pursue?  Having never been to
one of these before I wanted to check here.  If no one has any
objections I'll contact them to see what dates they have available in


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