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Edvard Gayer scavard at
Mon Dec 31 14:08:48 PST 2001

Several topics of interest:

1 - Schedule is still a concern.  The event has a hard 10pm shutdown time, 
which means that if anyone ahead of us on the schedule runs over, it's *our* 
part that will have to pay for their overage.  But, the Autocrat and the 
staff are all aware of how time-sensitive things are, and I've been assured 
that they'll do the best they can to keep on track.  Whatever happens, we'll 
adapt.  Don't worry, be happy.  ;)

2 - It has been confirmed that the presentation piece that was to be done 
after Feast and just before the Ball *is* going to happen after all.  We 
were preparing something JUST IN CASE, but it looks now like we can use it 
instead as a demo during one of the breaks in the Ball.  Bryan, could you 
please pass word to any of the Dancing Rats who aren't on the A-List.... we 
*will* do that piece, just not where we had thought it was going to happen.

3 - Their Majesties *will* be dancing with us.  They have learned and are 
practicing Pavana la Cornetta, and will perform it to open the Ball, though 
They would *VERY* much like there to be a few other couples on the floor 
with them at the time for support.  :)  There aren't a whole lot of folks 
whom I *know* have done this dance already and who will be at K12N, but I 
would like to get 3 other couples together.  Besides Etain and me, we need 4 
more folks.

4 - The first four dances at the ball will be:  (1) Pavana la Cornetta (Ball 
intro); (2) Pavana la Cornetta (everybody); (3) Sellenger's Round; and (4) 
Earl of Salisbury Pavanne.  Expect Anello and Rostiboli to be the first two 
Italians, in that order, and expect them to be done rather early.  :)

5 - I usually start getting requests for crash space right about now.

6 - There is NO sixth topic.

7 - The bit of really spiff Academiewear that I commissioned to our local 
banner maker just got done.  Expect to be wowed!  :)


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