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To add some Autocrat emphasis to Constanza's post....


The Symposium is the ONLY event that is exclusively run by the Academie, and 
can only be a success if we have instructors to offer their talents to our 
students throughout the day.  We have scored a major coup by being able to 
offer University credit, but it will be for naught if there are no classes 
being taught.  If there is insufficient interest within the Academie to 
teach, how on earth can we expect there to be interest within Atlantia to 

Bryan, Katherine, and Tahira have signed-up to teach 4 classes.  Thank you 
all!  We need at least 6 more classes, and there are a LOT of names I can 
think of who aren't on the list yet.  ;)

We need classes, and we need them now!  The complete listing needs to go up 
on the website ASAP, but we don't have it yet.  We need to begin the process 
of putting together the site booklet and Constanza needs time to deconflict 
schedules so people who are teaching can still take the classes they want to 
attend.  The clock is ticking.

I would like to challenge everyone to get a complete set of TEN classes into 
Constanza's hand by Twelfth Night.  That's 6 days from now, the same amount 
of time it took to create the Universe.  Certainly within that span, we can 
document 6 little ol' classes.

Thanks for your attention, now, let's get to work!  :)


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Subject: academie: ADS 3 Call for Instructors
Date: Wed, 26 Dec 2001 16:22:23 -0800 (PST)

	I would like to remind all you potential dance-teachers out there
that there is still room for dance classes in our next Atlantian Dance

	If you wish to teach, please send me your mundane name, SCA name,
class title, a brief class description, class length, and and special
requirements for the class.

	For those who are wondering what to teach, here are a couple
	1. There has been so much response to my plea for Intermediate
classes that we are in need of more beginning classes in all areas.
	2. The areas that are the least represented are Bransles and Basse
Dances. Classes about practical applications of period dance to the SCA,
such as teaching, running balls, or starting a practice, or fostering
interest in period dance within a practice are welcome as well.

	Thanks to those who have already volunteered to teach. For those
who said they would teach a class but have not yet gotten around to
sending me their info (you know who you are) please get it to me. You are
not officially teaching until I receive the information.

	Thank you for your continued support of the Atlantian Dance

	Lady Constanza de Tallavera
	Class Coordinator - Atlantian Dance Symposium

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