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Fri Dec 28 17:28:38 PST 2001

Further Greetings unto the dancers of the Knowne World
from the offices of the Letter of Dance.

While going through the LoD archives and files I
realized that I am currently in possession of a whole
lot of unsaleable merchandise which is taking up a
whole lot of space.  Since space is at a premium in my
far-too-small graduate student apartment, it is
therefore my pleasure to announce an end-of-year
Letter of Dance merchandise clearance/giveaway.

The major thing which I want to get rid of is excess
copies of the Tape of Dance #2.  I currently have in
my possession approximately 160 copies of the tape
version of ToD #2 which I doubt I will ever be able to
sell, especially since Eric is distributing the cd
version very cheaply (thanks Eric!).  Therefore, I
will give these tapes to anyone who is willing to pay
shipping.  Single copies are probably impractical
since it would cost a dollar or two to ship and new
cds can be had for nearly that.  However, if anyone
would like multiples, they can have them.  Feel like
distributing them to friends, local dancers,
apprentices?  Great.  Use them as site tokens for your
next dance event?  Even better.  If no one claims
these things soon, I'll start dragging them around to
dance events with me and slipping them into baskets
when their owners are not paying attention.  If anyone
is interested, I also have one or two copies of ToD #3
which I would send to anyone interested in them.

I am also reducing the price of the cd versions of ToD
2 and 3 to be in line with what Eric charges.  They
are $2 US each plus shipping (in the US that would
probably be $1).  I have about 20 of each in stock and
I do not intend to carry them when these are gone, at
least as long as Eric is distributing his versions.

I would also like to get rid of the excess back issues
of LoD which have been reproduced in bound volumes and
therefore are essentially obsolete.  All copies of
back issues 1-24 (in stock only) are yours for the
cost of postage.  In the US this would be one 34 cent
stamp for the first issue, one 23 cent stamp for each
additional issue.  Checks or postage are fine. 
Contact me for international rates.  I have a few
complete sets, or fill in gaps, or collect your
favorite author!

I'll also take a moment to remind you all that the
following items are also available (though not on
sale)--prices are in US dollars to US or Canadian
Issues 25-39 (in stock, currently all but 29 and
possibly 35 and 36-7): $1
Back Issues (out of stock):$2
Primary Source Bibliography: $1
Compiled Books 1, 2, or 3: $9 each (plus shipping)
Tape of Dance (CD) 4: $9 (plus shipping)

and of course

Subscriptions: $12 US, $14 to Canada, $20 elsewhere.

I now return you to your regularly scheduled dance

Katherine Mercer,
Editor of The Letter of Dance
letterofdance at

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