academie: To Amy/Rowan and my Goode Brothers and Sisters of the Academie

Richard Mowbray syrrichard at
Wed Dec 19 01:06:44 PST 2001

  My warmest regards and wishes for strength and healing go out to this
Lady. I know how much strength it takes to get through these things.
  On the day after thanksgiving, the surgeons took my right foot off
below the knee. Complications from diabetes have left me with a lot of
extra socks and shoes.
  I have sworn to do everything within my power to return to the
dancing that I love- both on the Field of Honor and in the halls of our
Fair Atlantia.
  In the meantime, as the season of peace descends upon us all like a
blanket of warmth and hospitality, each time you gather to celebrate,
raise a glass to chivalry, to prowess and courtesy and largesse. This
good Lady and I and many others who share the dream will be with you
all in spirit.

As Always

I Live to Serve
Sir Richard

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