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To stave-off a flood of "what's wrong with Rowen?" queries....  Rowen was
diagnosed with Leukemia in October.  That's why she was not at University.
She spent the whole month in the hospital in Baltimore, undergoing
transfusions, chemotherapy, injections, extractions, and a whole batch of
other necessary, but understandably quite unpleasant activities.  There were
some nasty complications, but when you're dealing with something as major
this, and when it also involves re-wiring a large part of your immune
system, there are bound to be complications.  Rowen came through round one
with flying colors, and spent November dancing her feet off.
This is round two.  After a month out of the hospital, she has gone back in
for another 30-or-so days of treatment.  This was always part of the
original plan, so please don't think that her re-admission is due to any
kind of a medical setback.  Rowen is doing quite well, and this is their
opportunity to kick this thing while it's down.  She's getting more chemo,
and as Arlo Guthire might say, "more injections, infections, rejections and
neglections".  :)  She is expected out around Twelfth Night, though we don't
know for certain yet whether it will be before or after.
We had a sort of a news black out going in October, since the early part of
her treatment was critically dependent on her being undisturbed and left to
rest.  This meant that not a whole lot of people were told of her condition,
and those who knew were asked to not contact her.  But now that she's posted
her email addy and hospital phone #, y'all are free to contact her directly.
Snail mail to Rowen at the hospital is unreliable, but things like get well
cards *do* manage to generally get through.  Her address  there is:
Amy Smyth
c/o Johns Hopkins Medical Center
Weinberg Building
601 N. Broadway, Room 5A-09
Baltimore, MD  21287
If you've got any questions, check with her or email me directly.  My SCA
address is scavard at <mailto:scavard at> 
-Vard  (disguised today as a mild-mannered defense contractor)
Kenneth E. Buzzard, Contractor (PSS Corp) 
PEO(W) Cruise Test Directorate 
BuzzardKE at 

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I hope that by now I have gotten all the right addresses back on the
list...But no one from the original message wrote me back to let me know of
any discrepancies...
If you wished to be removed from this list, please let me know...if you are
on the Dance Academie List and don't care, then just delete messages with
the above headings...Sorry, but its the fastest way to reach a whole lot of
dancing Atlantians who I consider to be my family :-)
Today I started the 3rd chemo drug through IV called VP-16.  It is supposed
to have fewer side effects than the other 2 and fortunately, I don't seem to
be alergic to it.  I will get this medication for another 2 days and then
its just tons of waiting.  My blood count numbers are dropping as
scheduled...although not low enough for me to need a transfusion yet.  
I have been doind alot of reading (some fiction and some on the Hittites),
watched tons of ice skating, and did alot of sleeping.  If anyone wishes to
visit they can write me (or SCAVard at <mailto:SCAVard at>
) for directions.  For those who came before, I am in the same building,
same section(5A) but I am now in room # 9.  My phone # is 1-410-502-0300.
That's all for now!

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