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This just floated across the Merry Rose, and I thought some of you who are
NOT on that list would like to see it.  I think it's a good idea -- having
been in a group that did this before.  I will do this for myself, but I
think it would be nice if the Academie were to also do this.

Since each person can only submit once, and since I'm going to do this for
myself, I can't do it for the Academie.  Would anyone who is uninterested in
doing this for themselves be willing to do this for the Academie?  I'll pay
the ten bucks, I just can't write the letter.  :)

Unto the populace of fair Atlantia,

    As many of you have undoubtedly read by now, Atlantia's Pelicans are
heading a project to purchase a pavilion for the kingdom.  In December's
Acorn, Master Tirloch and I published a notice giving out some very general
details.  This missive and the announcement that will follow in next month's
Acorn will spell out the details and make a few changes.

    First: We are raising money for the purchase of a 20' x 30' rectangular
pavilion.  The purchase price will include the walls, poles, ropes, and
stakes.  The pavilion will be purchased at a substantial discount, from
Panther Primitives.  Many of you already own Panther tents and are well
aware of their quality and workmanship.

    Second: For $10 an approximately 5 1/2" by 5 1/2" shield bearing your
device will be painted  and sewn on to a dag.  (Sorry, but for uniformity's
sake we will not sew lozenges on the pavilion.)

    Third:  There are 270 (out of approximately 300) spaces available for
purchase by the populace of the kingdom.  The remainder will be held in
reserve and the details of their final disposition will be made available in
the near future.  Because a number of people felt very strongly that the
first come first served method of selection was unfair, and because we felt
that demand would far outstrip supply, we are changing the way we will
determine who has the opportunity to get their device on the pavilion.

    Effective immediately, Master Tirloch and I will take requests from any
person, with registered arms, for inclusion in a drawing for a spot on the
pavilion.  What we need from you is a LETTER (snail mail is still more
reliable than e-mail) with mundane name, SCA name, address, telephone
number, and e-mail address, if you have one, and how you would like to be
contacted if selected.  (If you choose to be notified by mail please include
a self addressed stamped envelope or post card.)  Please do NOT send money
at this time.  Let me say that again...DO NOT SEND MONEY.  (If you are
selected we will then ask you for money.)  Master Tirloch and I will still
be available at kingdom 12th Night and University to personally submissions.

    Fourth: Upon notification that you have been selected, we will ask you
send us a check for $10 (made out to the Kingdom of Atlantia), the blazon of
your device, and a drawing of your device, preferably on a 5 1/2" x 5 1/2"

    Fifth:  We are changing the schedule for the fund raiser.  We will take
names from now until the Thursday before the Kingdom Arts and Sciences
Festival (February 28th, 2002).  At that time we will hold a drawing and
everyone selected will be notified by March 9th and given until March 30th
to submit their device and payment.  We will also choose a number of
alternates who will be given first shot at any unclaimed spaces.

    Just a couple of final details.  Groups of people may get together and
submit their requests in one letter.  Each person may only make one
submission.  If you are selected, and so desire, you may use your spot for a
registered household device.

    I hope this answers most questions on the topic.  If not please contact
either Master Tirloch, at tirloch at, or myself (Master Aelfred) at
ttoich at

Kenneth E. Buzzard, Contractor (PSS Corp)
PEO(W) Cruise Test Directorate
BuzzardKE at

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