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Thanks for the suggestion.  The acoustics in the hall will be different than
that at the convention center for last year's K12N, so before I do anything
like that, let me at least get in to the site and scope it out. :)

Remember, I'm the only person on the K12N staff who is worried about the
hall's acoustics, so I have to get buy-in from the Autocrat so that she
understands that it is important.  The sooner I can do that, the sooner I
can get in the door, and the more time I will have to seek remedies if the
hall needs it.


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The sound system I rented (for the weekend) for 12N music last year cost me
around $130. I think that may assist you with your music level. If you get
planned further in advance than I (and your mother doesn't get cancer that
takes up all of your time) you can make nice covers for the speakers and
the wires. 

Unless you want a sacbutt band, That's what I would suggest you go with.


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