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Tue Dec 11 06:54:12 PST 2001

>In an hour class, given the target audience and allowing time for a bit of
>talking, step intros, and maybe even a little exercise in beat and rhythm (if

By step intros, are you planning on things like "this is siding, this is a 
set and
turn, this is arming, these are slip steps, etc..."?  One thing I think 
that has
helped folks is to show them the commonality between dances.  That's why
I tend to teach sets of like dances.

If you're only going to get in 3 dances, I'd go with a bransle, pavane and
EC.  Probably Horses Bransle, Carolingian Pavane and Rufty Tufty.  I
think they're all easy enough to learn yet complicated enough to be

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