academie: list of common dances

Oxford, David dmo at
Mon Dec 10 16:28:05 PST 2001

At Feb University I'll be teaching an ultra-basic beginner's dance class,
targeted at getting the people who don't think they can dance at all, and giving
them the basics to do at least a couple of the more common dances.  This is the
sort of class that most everyone on this mailing list will find completely
uninteresting (being the things you've probably been able to do in your sleep
for the last 8 years), but if anyone is looking to send some newbie folks off
for dance education, this is a good chance.

To that end, I too have been contemplating the nature of "the most common dances
of Atlantia", and have not yet fully made my decision as to what I'll teach.  On
the short list, though, are such long-standing classics as the Turkish (SCA
Maltese) Bransle, Official Bransle, Rufty Tufty, Petit Riens, Gathering
Peascods, some variant of a tangle bransle (I like Greg's way of tangling
Pinagay), Black Alman, etc.

In an hour class, given the target audience and allowing time for a bit of
talking, step intros, and maybe even a little exercise in beat and rhythm (if
they're *really* bad :), I'll probably be lucky to get in three dances.  If
anyone has other suggestions, or votes for the best choices among those listed,
I'd love to hear it!


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