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KilrRabbit at KilrRabbit at
Mon Dec 10 13:30:36 PST 2001

Well if their is interest we could cover many of them at Nottinghills Winter Revel (the weekend after 12th night). I'm going to teach a basic dance class and we will have some dancing after feast. If their is enough interest (ie enough people) we can certainly go beyond the standard dances. If their is interest let me know since I will have to brush up on many of those dances (& try to learn those that I don't know) since I have been away from Isenfir to long :)

> Is anyone going to be teaching these dances anywhere
> other than 12N?  I won't make 12N due to a family trip
> to Alabama...but hope to make Winterversity and the
> Symposium.

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