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L Shuskey elizedenizza at
Mon Dec 10 13:07:45 PST 2001

Good afternoon to all!

I was just looking over the list of possible dances
for 12N, and being very thankful to Vard for sending
that out (even if I don't get to be there).  It's hard
for me to guess what dances to focus on in dance
practices here since I'm in the far reaches of the

I know this is potentially opening a can of worms, but
from those of you who have been involved in Atlantian
dance for a while, what are the primary dances that
all Atlantia should know?  What dances should I be
sure to cover so that my folks can go to events like
12N and be ready to dance with no instruction?  Is the
12N list that Vard sent a good baseline, or are there
others I need to add to it?

Assuredly, we won't limit ourselves to whatever list
may be written.  Once we have the dances on the list
down, we'll certainly move on to others.  

Thank you for your input.  As for us, we're having a
proverbial ball down here in Crannog Mor!

- E


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