academie: Masqued Ball / New Members / K12N Info

Oxford, David davidoxford at
Mon Dec 10 12:34:25 PST 2001

>> It is also worth noting that a number of dancing rats were 
>> spotted at this event.  A significant percentage of them 
>> -- *much* more than twenty percent -- were Isenfiri.

Beware the dancing rodents.

>> New Members
>> ===========
>> - Gavin Briare, Isenfir

Oh look, another Isenfiri. :)

>> or one of the larger Italian dances (like the one for 6 
>> women, 4 men, two baseball bats, and a weasel.) 

Are weasels considered rodents?

>> Montarde for 4 - after Masqued Ball, we may decide to nix this one

It worked fine... just make sure the musicians have the RIGHT music, with the
RIGHT repeat structure, and you're fine. :)


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