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Masqued Ball
Masqued Ball in Caer Mear was a lot of fun!  We had a couple of hours of 
practice/instruction in the afternoon, a nice potluck feast, and a very well 
attended and enthusiastic dance that night.  Kudos to Aedan for running the 
afternoon practice and to him and Bryan for their work during the dancing 
that night.

In addition to a couple of dozen dances, we also played The Pinwheel and 
Jenny Pluck Partners, both of which the dancers *and* the band seemed to 
thoroughly enjoy.  Expect a reprise at Twelfth Night.  Also, there was a 
performance of Mary-Grace's Rose and a COMPLETELY UNOFFICIAL practice of 
something called Pavana La Cornetta.  :)

We had a 5-piece band, but I did not get everybody's name.  Four of the five 
were from Ponte Alto, including Celia on recorder, the lady on harp who also 
played at Bright Hills' Walters Demo, a gentleman on violin who played 
during practice, during the ball, *and* who provided incidental music during 
feast, and one other lady.  The fifth was Rhuadan mhic Doughaill from 
Isenfir, who played flute (right?).  It was great to be able to eschew 
recorded music and go with a band!  :)

It is also worth noting that a number of dancing rats were spotted at this 
event.  A significant percentage of them -- *much* more than twenty percent 
-- were Isenfiri.

New Members
Coming out of Masqued Ball, the Academie picked up two new members, both of 
whom have already been subscribed to the A-List.  If I've spelled your name 
incorrectly, please let me know:

- Laura of Marinus, Marinus (she couldn't recall how her SCAdian last name 
was spelled, so we'll just use the "of Marinus" moniker for right now.)
- Gavin Briare, Isenfir

Please join me in welcoming our 62nd and 63rd members!

Twelfth Night
There was a K12N staff meeting on Friday, and a lot of information was 
shared, much of which will impact us.  For those who attended the Northern 
Regional Twelfth Night 3 years ago, we're using the same site (the Hollywood 
MD Volunteer Fire Station).  The hall is enormous and looks pretty, but 
presents a challenge acoustically.  At NR12N, Feast ran WAAAAAAAY long (> 3 
hours, if I recall).  We did some demo dancing during Feast, and we all 
eventually trickled out of the hall to do some dancing on our own in an 
adjacent hall.

For K12N, the Academie will be running the Grand Ball, which will be in the 
Main Hall.  The hall has recently been carpeted, and I need to make 
arrangements to go check things out to ensure that the floor can be safely 
danced upon.  The carpeting will no-doubt change the acoustics of the hall, 
but that change may *not* be for the better.  Another reason to go check the 
site out ASAP.  Plans are for Court to begin at 3:30, for Feast to start at 
5:00, and for the Ball to follow immediately after.

If things stay on schedule, Feast will conclude at 7.  We will lose some 
time while those taking Feast clear their gear out, while the tables are 
cleared of food, and while the hall is reconfigured (tables and chairs moved 
out of the way, head table/thrones removed and band gets set up, etc).  Even 
with an aggressive Hall Steward working to clear people out, this will still 
take 10-20 minutes.  Then, there is a skit by Winifred and Rhuardi which is 
supposed to kick-off the ball.  Figure another 10 minutes.  So, best case, 
we will lose close to half an hour.  (The site has a HARD 10pm close time).

I asked for committments from each of member of the event staff to work 
their hardest to remain on schedule, because if anyone's activity runs over, 
it's the dancing that will have to pay for it.  The Head Cook in particular 
is aware of things, and he will do what he can to make sure the Feast comes 
off as planned.  (By the way, Feast is 3 removes, served over 2 hours, for 
400 people.)

I will meet with the Autocrat to ask whether we can move the whole schedule 
up 30 minutes and plan for a 4:30-6:30 Feast.  I may not have much luck, but 
I can at least ask.  Things may work out just fine.  If not, I'll at least 
have some really good info for my class on planning Dancing at Events for 
Winterversity! :)

The Autocrat has asked the Academie to prepare a special presentation piece. 
  There is a chance that the Winifred/Rhuardi skit may get cancelled, in 
which case we'll be asked to step up to perform something spiff.  If the 
skit *does* get done, we can hold the presentation in reserve and perform it 
during a break.  So either way, we will need to have something ready.  At 
Masqued Ball, we thought it would be nice to do either one of the more 
complicated ECDs (Parson's Farewell was mentioned, though St Martins might 
be appropriate because of the way it ends), or one of the larger Italian 
dances (like the one for 6 women, 4 men, two baseball bats, and a weasel.)  
I sense a discussion thread breaking out on this topic any moment now.  :)

During Feast, the Academie will be doing a couple of demonstration dances.  
We've asked to do three.  The Entertainment-o-crat has pretty much committed 
to us doing two, but she is working with the Autocrat to get a third one in. 
  If the unthinkable happens and Feast runs long, we'll be able to do our 
third, or a fourth or fifth, with little worries, so I'm not gonna fret of 
the E-o-crat tells us we can do only two.  Greg is refining *what* we'll be 
doing, I'm refining *how many* we can do.

Last, but not least, here's the set list.  We will begin the Ball itself 
with Pavana la Cornetta, and we can expect to do the following three dances 
very early on, since His Majesty is expecting to dance them: Amoroso, 
Rostiboli Gioioso, and Earl of Salisbury Pavanne.  Following that, we'll 
pick from the following list:

Ballo del Fiore
The Pinwheel
Petit Vriens
Saltarello la Regina - still being negotiated

French Bransles:
Bransle Suite (Cassandra / Pinagay / Charlotte)
Horse's Bransle
(SCA) Maltese Bransle
Montarde for 4 - after Masqued Ball, we may decide to nix this one
Official's Bransle
Pease Bransle
Washerwoman's Bransle

Inns of Court:
Black Alman
Earl of Essex Measure
Lorayne Alman
Madam Sosilia's Alman

English Country:
All in a Garden Green
Black Nag
Gathering Peascods
Hearts Ease
Jenny Pluck Pears
Old Mole - you *were* expecting this one, right?
Parson's Farewell
Picking of Sticks - presuming we find band-friendly music
Rufty Tufty
Saint Martin's
Sellenger's Round

Other Stuff:
Jenny Pluck Partners
Demo Piece(s) - TBD

As Greg pointed out to me last week, this is MUCH more than 3 hours of 
dance.  If nothing else, we'll have a large repertoire from which to select 
our dances that night.  :)

Lord Edvard Gayer, Secretary
L'Academie Atlantienne de la Danse

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