academie: webpage idea

Greg Lindahl lindahl at
Sun Dec 9 14:54:14 PST 2001

The score so far, after 2 weeks:

1) I've converted all the Academie webpages over to the new site,
using Bryan's pages as a start, but substituting Ursula's activities

2) Ursula created an account and edited some stuff, Constanza looked
at it but didn't edit anything, adn I didn't hear at all from Bryan or

I'm currently inclined to go this direction, but I would like more
feedback. So if you want to be heard, you have to act now.

The questions I'm looking to answer:

1) Can you understand the interface? Create an account, edit pages.
2) Do you like the looks of the result? There's a template in there
that we can modify.

Gregory Blount

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