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Wed Dec 5 13:10:25 PST 2001

It's dance season.  We are running dancing at Twelfth Night, will be 
teaching another track of classes at University, Ymir and the Symposium are 
both coming up in the next couple of months.  We're doing all sorts of stuff 
at the local *and* kingdom level.  To be blunt, we're busy.

We have heraldry.  A gold unicorned seahorse (aka "Spike") laying across a 
white zig-zag (called "a dance" in heraldeese) all on a blue field.  There's 
a nice full-color rendering on the website, courtesy of Bran and Bryan.  The 
URL is  It's pretty, it's spiff, and 
most importantly, IT'S OURS!

At last year's Symposium, we had a few REALLY LONG baldrics, and Victoria 
spent all night and part of the morning embroidering our badge n them so our 
instructors could wear them that day.  To the best of my knowledge, there 
are only 3 or 4 of them out there.  It's been nearly a year, and as far as I 
can tell, other than a medallian made by Bryan's lady for him to wear, the 
baldrics are the only things we've got with our heraldry on it.

I would like to issue an Academie-wide appeal for artisans, embroiders, or 
other folks who are particularly handy with brushes and canvas, needles and 
thread, fabric, embroidering machines, and the like.  WE NEED STUFF!  :)

We need more baldrics, so our instructors or dance masters/mistresses will 
have something to wear when they're doing their thing.  Ideally, everybody 
who teaches a class or runs a ball would have a baldric of their own.  We 
need belt favors, lapel pins, wrist ties, STUFF that all of our members can 
wear to say to the world (and to each other), "I'm in the Academie!"  We 
need banners, bunting, flags flying in the wind, stuff that announces to 
everyone "the Academie is here!"

Okay, okay.  I know it sounds like a lot of rah-rah, but doggonit, a bunch 
of us who were tickled pink when our Dancing Spike passed Laurel, and we've 
talked a lot in private about how to use our badge.  I would like to think 
that now is a good time for us to move forward and actually put our badge to 

We are looking for ideas, and we are looking for people who will have the 
time and/or resources to turn some of those ideas into STUFF.  Our target 
date should be to have them ready by the Symposium (Feb 9th), but if we can 
get them by Twelfth Night (Jan 5th), mores the better.

I will be meeting with a local artisan tonight to try to commission him to 
make a banner for us.  Something that we can display at the Symposium.  
Victoria has offered the use of her embroidery machine (she's already got 
the badge programmed), and has stated that she would be willing to embroider 
the badge onto anything that folks give her.  (Hint, if we can get her some 
blank baldrics, she can probably take it from there.  Contact her or me if 
you need the specifics.)

Let's get this ball rolling, who will be the first with a suggestion or an 

Lord Edvard Gayer, Secretary
L'Academie Atlantienne de la Danse

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