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Catherine Dean letterofdance at
Fri Nov 30 06:36:55 PST 2001

Katherine Mercer, newly appointed editor of the Letter
of Dance sends heartfelt greetings unto the dancers of
the Knowne World:

Master William tells me that he has enough material to
finish off the last issue of Volume 5 of the LoD, and
so now it’s my turn to ask you all to consider
submitting articles for publication in Volume Six.  As
in the past, anything related to medieval or
renaissance dance or dancing within the SCA would be
most welcome.  In particular, I am interested in:

Reconstructions of Dances in all Styles (particularly
dances with easily available music, under-represented
styles, or new interpretations of familiar dances)
CD and Book Reviews
Articles on Period Style (i.e., how to dance more
Articles on Dance Success Stories (there are a number
of highly successful dance groups, guilds, and
teachers out there—please share the secrets of your
Articles on Teaching/Working with Musicians (or
working with Dancers, if you’re a musician!!)/Running
Dance at an Event/ Etc. (i.e., anything related to the
practice of dance within the SCA)
And of course Research Papers on specific aspects of
dance evolution or practice.

I would also like to specifically encourage articles
on the state of original choreography in the SCA, both
How-To articles and descriptions of particular
reconstructions for possible inclusion in a special
reconstruction-themed article.  When submitting new
dances, I would like to encourage authors to discuss
why they made the particular choices they made in
creating the reconstruction.  

First time contributors are especially encouraged to
submit articles!

I am considering instituting a peer-editing process to
help improve the quality of the publication.  I don’t
forsee this being too formal or unpleasant, but I
think it would be a good idea to have LoD authors help
each other to make their submissions as good as
possible.  I would love to hear your opinions on this

Copies of the current (revised) editorial policies are
on the LoD’s website at:  I
will be happy to send a copy of the new editorial
guidelines to anyone interested in submitting to the
LoD who cannot access that webpage.  Any questions or
potential submissions should be addressed to me at:
letterofdance at or Letter of Dance, c/o
Catherine Dean, 2006 Columbia Pike, Apt. #12,
Arlington, VA 22204.  

Information on subscribing to Volume Six will follow
in December or January.

My apologies if you get this message more than once.
This letter has been sent to the following lists:
SCA-Dance, AtenDance, CalontirDance, meridies-dance,
OutlandsDance, and the Atlantian Dance Academie.
PLEASE forward it to any and all interested parties
(especially local guilds and dance groups).

Katherine Mercer,
Editor of The Letter of Dance
letterofdance at

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