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Deborah Doehr ddoehr at
Thu Nov 29 14:51:24 PST 2001

Thanks very much to all who responded. Some very good points have been 
raised. I agree that Twelfth Night would not be a good first event in this 

Since I'm new to Atlantia (Eek! Another Midrealm transplant!), I wouldn't be 
able to introduce him to many people--I pretty much know only Katherine and 
those of you I met at Stierbach Baronial Investiture. And it sounds like I'm 
just as likely to see you folks at either event.

Since he hasn't decided if he's going to be active in the SCA, let alone 
what period he wants to do/wear, he won't appreciate all the fancy garb at 
Twelfth Night--yet! (she says, rubbing her hands gleefully)

So... Lochmere it is. Judith, I'll contact Tycho about that ride. And Vard, 
perhaps I'll still make it to Twelfth Night--I'll just leave the man at home 
to work on his thesis! :)

Thanks again,


Lady Fionnghuala ni Chiarain
mka Deborah Doehr
ddoehr at

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