academie: Event info/recommendation

Oxford, David dmo at
Thu Nov 29 14:02:01 PST 2001

I'm definitely with Etain on this one... Twelfth Night is just NOT a very
interesting event if you're a new person.  Frankly, I find it not that
interesting even as an old-timer.  Most of the ones I've ever been to are just
huge social gatherings with nothing going on but chatting with friends and some
outrageously long courts.  There seems to be a little better trend recently
toward having some dancing, but in the past there was even precious little of
that.  Basically, you could shop (although shopping sounds like it may be
seriously limited this year), chat with folks you know, sit through court, and
eat.  Frankly, not a great introduction to the SCA.

Of the two suggested events, I'd opt for the Lochmere Dance Revel over Twelfth
Night.  Sounds like a lot more fun stuff going on, and more for a new person to
get involved with.  My long-term observation is that new people develop a far
greater interest if they can do stuff rather than just watch stuff.


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