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Interesting, my response would've been just the opposite!  My instinctive 
response about events in general 
would be that a big, fancy event like 12th Night will have more for a new 
person to see and do--pretty garb, 
fancy courts (I know they get boring after a while, but as a Chatelaine, I'd 
want to show a new person all of 
the ceremony and the scrolls likely to be at a big event, etc.), more A&S 
display, etc.  Granted, it's hard to 
argue with the experience of someone who's actually taken a new person to 
12th Night, but I guess I would 
just say there are advantages to both.

Ooh, look, I actually have $.02 to spend here!

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>Lady Fionnghuala,
>You'll probably get replies from Vard (12th Night Dance person) and Judith 
(Dance revel person), but just 
in case, I thought I'd answer.
>12th Night is not a really good first event, even though I'm sure the 
dancing will be great. The event 
involves a lot of people dressing up and hanging out with old friends. There 
are at Least 2 long courts. They 
will be full of stuff a new person wouldn't understand or care about. I took 
my mother to a 12th Night for her 
first event, and she was completely bored. It's great when you have old 
friends to talk to, or new garb to 
show off, but otherwise, I wouldn't take a new person.
>Dance Revel is a small event, so everyone talks to everyone. There will be 
lots of good dancing and 
teaching all day. It's an ideal event for a first time. There will be lots 
of stuff for people to do if they get 
tired- we have a gaming guild, and the Kingdom chatelaine (who resides in 
Lochmere) is hosting a bag game. 
Plus it's an event know for short, timely, highly edible feasts. 
>I hate to tell you not to come to 12th Night, since I'm sure it will be a 
nice event, but huge and impersonal 
isn't the best way to introduce a brand new person to the SCA. If you do 
decide to bring your SO, be sure to 
find us dance people to hang out with. 
>Lady Etain
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