academie: Masqued Ball -- Who's going?

Oxford, David dmo at
Wed Nov 28 06:23:43 PST 2001

>> | Is anyone else planning to go to Masqued Ball in Caer Mear on 12/8?
>> | There is a limit of 120 people allowed on 
>> | this site. Reservations are strongly suggested.
>> Anyone know how many spaces are left?

When I talked to Erin last Wednesday, she said there was still plenty of space,
but get your reservations in NOW!  She'd probably even guarantee you a spot if
you just guaranteed her by e-mail that you were coming.

And you should definitely go!!!  It's a low-key event with dance classes, a
potluck dinner, and a ball.  No silly whapping of wood or any of that nonsense.


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